Neuville retires from WRC Rally Portugal Day 2

Neuville retires from WRC Rally Portugal Day 2

Hyundai has confirmed it has retired Thierry Neuville from day 2 on Rally de Portugal. It’s the second time this weekend that the Belgian retires during the day.

Neuville reported after SS10 that his Hyundai was “undriveable” saying “there might be an issue.”

Then he was meant to be first on the road for the following Amarante stage, but Neuville started as sixth which he later explained was to resolve some issues. “We have some issues and we couldn’t solve hem. We decided to keep going but it didn’t sound so good.”

In service, Hyundai decided to retire the car for the day in order to try to repare the car for tomorrow. Valuable points are still on the table in the Power Stage. The team has 3 hours to fix the issue.

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Photo: Red Bull Content Pool